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51 Grave 0105 Section EA Friezer, Marie Louise (I843)
52 Grave 1015 Hollier, Garnet (I847)
53 Grave 1448 C of E Section Friezer, Rebecca (I133)
54 Grave 1555 Nicholson, Austin (I909)
55 Grave 1555 Nicholson, Keith Austin Alan (I182)
56 Grave 1555 Nunn, Ethel Alice (I910)
57 Had his nephew Walter Hambley Lindley living with him in the 1861 census. Lindley, Walter (I716)
58 Half Sister of Sarah Ann Washington Richardson, Nazarina (I92)
59 His Hebrew name, from his tombstone appears to have been Dov-ber ben Aryeh. The Hebrew "Dov" and the Yiddish "ber" both have the meaning of bear, leading to his Anglicised name of Bernard. An article entitled "Some aspects of Yiddish" published in "Shermot" volume 15,2 (June 2007)explains "Most common are particular couplets which incorporated both the Hebrew name and it's Yiddish version, Dov Bear..

Ralph Forbes-Ritte 
Rittenberg, Reverend Bernhard (I19)
60 Hyam was a chazan, as was his father (name unknown unfortunately) A chazan is a Jewish cantor, a musician trained in the vocal arts who helps lead the Synagogue in song prayer.  Wasserzug, Hyam HaKohan (I588)
61 Hyam was the composer of "Sefer Shire Mikdash" (Songs of the Sanctuary) Wasserzug, Hyam HaKohan (I588)
62 In 1881 a Trimming Merchant, employing 2 girls, 2 women, 1 man.
In 1901 a Hat and Cap Manufacturer 
Latte, Maurice (I454)
63 In his Will the gross value of his Estate was 2,756.0.0. English pounds. Rittenberg, Reverend Bernhard (I19)
64 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Birsan, J.V. (I577)
65 Joseph was a Banker's Clerk Rittenberg, Joseph (I36)
66 Joshua Jordan Lawn
Row Q, Grave 10 
Fordham, Henry Alexander (I459)
67 Kenneth adopted his stepfather's surname and became Sir Kenneth Christofas, KCMG, MBE and a top civil servant with the EU in Brussels  Godwin, Sir Kenneth (I611)
68 Marjorie was an accomplished pianist and seemed set to have a career on the concert platform. Rittenberg, Marjorie (I357)
69 Mary was Cremated and her ashes were scattered by her three daughters: In Paris, Amboise and Chorleywood, England October 5-13 2007 on a very personal Pilgrimage.  Stanley-Low, Mary Stanley (I285)
70 Member of the London Stock Exchange Frisby, Albion Newington (I802)
71 Minister of the Port Elizabeth Synagogue in South Africa after marriage. Retired after 23 years of " devoted ministry" on grounds of ill health. Returned to UK, became Minister of the Brondesbury Synagogue. He is mentioned in two books about the Jews in South Africa in Peter Renton's book 'The Lost Synagogues of London.' He was succeeded in Port Elizabeth by his wife Jessie's half brother David  Rapoport, Reverend Samuel (I395)
72 Moved to Australia in 1955 where her children were raised.  Forbes-Ritte, Ruth (I368)
73 nee Matthews. Garnham, Valerie (I562)
74 Occupation 1916, Storekeeper. Lindley, Frederick Thornton (I323)
75 Occupation Picture Frame Maker, British census 1881 Latte, Wilhelm (I164)
76 Occupation: 1916, Farmer Weston, Henry Joseph (I756)
77 Occupation: 1916, Home Duties Lindley, Florence Louisa Caroline (I325)
78 Occupation: 1916, Stockman Lindley, Max Bidencope (I764)
79 Occupation: 1916, Storekeeper Lindley, George Thomas (I309)
80 Occupation: 1925, Contractor McCullagh, Henry John (I620)
81 Occupation: 1925, Married Lindley, Ruby Helen (I327)
82 Occupation: 1936, Home Duties Buckingham, Ethel Rose (I310)
83 On 29th November 1869, Bernard was reengaged on a 12 month contract for a salary of 80 English pounds per annum and in 1870, having asked to be released from contract to "better himself in Bristol"(sic)was offered a further 5 pounds to remain in Edinburgh.
However in 1872 he was released and went to Kingston, Jamaica as the Minister of the English and German (i.e. an Ashkenazi) Synagogue.

Apart from his duties in his own Synagogue he also on occasions officiated at the Spanish and Portuguese (Sephardim) synagogue during the absence of their minister.

Bernard is mentioned in "A Record of the Jews in Jamaica" by Jacob Andrade and in the Colonial Standard newspaper. The former gives full details of the service at which he officiated at the re dedication of the Sephardic synagogue whilst their minister was away on leave.
He is also shown as holding the office of District Grand Chaplain and a Director of the Hebrew National Institution.
Source: Ralph Forbes-Ritte 
Rittenberg, Reverend Bernhard (I19)
84 Profession on Marriage Certificate in 1899 given as Lithographic Artist. Rittenberg, Philip (I17)
85 Profession Tallow Chandler. Family: Levin Rittenberg / (F46)
86 Raphael was a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (FRHistS) and winder of a Bronze Medal awarded by the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce (RSA). Rittenberg, Raphael John (I37)
87 Re country of origin: "The boundaries in Eastern Europe were somewhat fluid being continually moved back and forth, depending upon which country's fortune was in ascendancy or decline. The area was sometime Russia, sometimes Poland, sometimes Lithuania and sometimes Prussian Poland."
Ralph Forbes-Ritte 
Rittenberg, Reverend Bernhard (I19)
88 Refer biography at: 
Yelverton, Henry John (I431)
89 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. McLaren-Lane, G. (I445)
90 Residence 1841, St George The Martyr, Surrey, England Nicholls, Lucy Ann (I722)
91 Residence 1851, Camberwell, Surrey, England Lindley, Charlotte (I721)
92 Residence 1851, Camberwell, Surrey, England Lindley, Samuel Leventhorp (I711)
93 Residence 1851, Camberwell, Surry, England Lindley, Kate (I717)
94 Residence 1851, Camberwell, Surry, England Sarah (I720)
95 Residence 1851: Camberwell, Surrey, England Lindley, Robert (I712)
96 Residence 1871: Lewisham, Kent, England Mary Ann K (I734)
97 Residence 1916, Pickering Brook, Western Australia, Ausralia Lindley, Frederick Thornton (I323)
98 Residence 1925, Kalamundra, Western Australia, Australia McCullagh, Henry John (I620)
99 Residence, 1841: St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surry, England Lindley, Thomas (I709)
100 Residence: 1851, Camberwell, Surrey, England Lindley, Edward H (I708)

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