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151 The surname was changed to Ritte in 1918. Rittenberg, Joseph (I36)
152 The surname was changed to Ritte in 1919. Rittenberg, Eugenie (I41)
153 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F135
154 To Locate Nazarina & William Fordham Graves at Box Hill Cemetery ,Walk up to the top of Columbo walk 1st, then its the 10th path,and its the 14th grave on the left.

Death Certificate Reference 7624 - Grave Book Number 768 Box Hill Cemetery

Richardson, Nazarina (I92)
155 To Republic of South Africa after marriage Family F136
156 Tragically Rachael and her two young daughters Esther and Deborah Rittenberg all died in 1869 from "phthisis pulm", i.e. pulmonary consumption.

Rachael died sometime between 2nd June 1869, when her son Oscar was born and 24th July when Oscar's birth was recorded, as she is listed as "Deceased" on his birth certificate.  
Poliziner, Rachael (I32)
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Repository Source: (REPO4)
158 Variously spelt on documents: Pierce, Place. Place, Mary Ann Pierce (I78)
159 Vera was a teacher in a Dance Studio, in which she was a partner. She later suffered with MS. Rittenberg, Vera (I363)
160 Was Synagogue choirmaster and Professer at Trinity College of Music Wasserzug, Israel (I604)
161 Werner travelled to England alone, from Germany. He joined the "Pioneer Army" and changed his name to Robert Parker at that time.
After peace was declared he returned to Germany to find his family, however none had survived. He grieved for them for the rest of his life and did not recover emotionally from the shock of losing his parents. 
Cohn, Werner Emanuel (I441)
162 William was a Music Master and Synagogue Choirmaster Wasserzug, William (I590)
163 Woolbroker Stephen, George Alexander (I1033)

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